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Meet our Team

Operations Manager-Josh Messecar

Josh Messecar

Operations Manager Since 2012
Marketing/IT Director-Joseph Luna

Joseph Luna

Marketing/IT Director Since 2015
Customer Support Director-Danae Rosen

Danae Rosen

Customer Support Director Since 2021
Route Manager-Karl Conley

Karl Conley

Route Manager Since 2002
Field Supervisor-Jesse Urquijo

Jesse Urquijo

Field Supervisor Since 2007
Blind Cleaning Supervisor-Al Ramirez

Al Ramirez

Blind Cleaning Supervisor Since 2002
Service Coordinator-Pat Nitchals

Pat Nitchals

Service Coordinator Since 1988
Service Coordinator-Ernie Cody

Ernie Cody

Service Coordinator Since 2016
Service Coordinator-Diane Welsh

Diane Welsh

Service Coordinator Since 2018
Service Coordinator-Jesse Ochoa

Jesse Ochoa

Service Coordinator Since 2021
Accounts Receivable-Amanda Cons

Amanda Cons

Accounts Receivable Since 2012
Accounts Receivable-Jana Heiland

Jana Heiland

Accounts Receivable Since 2020
Field Estimator-Bryan Fitterer

Bryan Fitterer

Field Estimator Since 2021
Service Technician-Ron Patterson

Ron Patterson

Service Technician Since 1994
Service Technician-Chip Madrid

Chip Madrid

Service Technician Since 2010
Service Technician-James Clark

James Clark

Service Technician Since 2016
Service Technician-Steven Pehringer

Steven Pehringer

Service Technician Since 2017
Service Technician-Cruz Torres

Cruz Torres

Service Technician Since 2018
Service Technician-Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez

Service Technician Since 2019
Service Technician-Katelyne Nielson

Katelyne Nielson

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Dwain Murphy

Dwain Murphy

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Ben Miller

Ben Miller

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Jeremy Ashcraft

Jeremy Ashcraft

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Thomas Hunter

Thomas Hunter

Service Technician Since 2021
Service Technician-Hunter Schull

Hunter Schull

Service Technician Since 2021
Service Technician-Destiny Pehringer

Destiny Pehringer

Service Technician Since 2021
Service Technician-Aaron Serna

Aaron Serna

Service Technician Since 2021
Service Technician-Estevan Rodriguez

Estevan Rodriguez

Service Technician Since 2021
Service Technician-Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller

Service Technician Since 2021
Service Technician-Jessica Reid

Jessica Reid

Service Technician Since 2021

Complimentary Estimates


Serving Ada & Canyon Counties


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Customer Testimonials

Nice young man and did a great job. He explained to me everything about my blinds. It’s a great service.

Tracy C of Nampa

Just had my gutters cleaned. My home has a very complex eave structure and the birds just love building nests in the gutters. I've never seen a technician work so hard and do such a great job - including taking apart and reassembling some of the downspouts because they were so plugged. Very pleasant worker and a credit to your company. Thank you for excellent service Window Wizard.

Mark P of Meridian

Thank you so much! The blinds look brand new. My wife was out of town and she has been asking to have her blinds cleaned for a long time now. I thought I would surprise her! She loved them! Everything looked very nice!

Patrick C of Meridian

One of the nicest jobs ever. Windows look perfect, gutters perfect. Timely, pleasant and efficient. Thank you so much!

Anne C of Boise

Window Wizard has been cleaning our windows for years and always do an excellent, reasonably priced job. That's why we use them, plus all the guys are very professional! :)

Sandy D of Boise

My technicians were personable and did a great job! Always glad to have Window Wizard techs in my home. Great work, great people. Thank you!

Carrie B of Boise

The blinds came out better than expected and technicians were great.

Bob H of Meridian

Thank you for what you do every day. I appreciate your willingness to come out in the cold. You guys ROCK!

Gene B of Caldwell

I am so thrilled with the service you provided! My house has never looked so wonderful. It was worth every penny. The technicians were very kind and professional and I could not have asked for a better crew.

Kris L of Boise

You guys have the best customer service of anyone I have ever worked with!!

Adeana L of Middleton

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