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Serving Ada & Canyon Counties

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Meet our Team

Operations Manager-Josh Messecar

Josh Messecar

Operations Manager Since 2012
Marketing/IT Director-Joseph Luna

Joseph Luna

Marketing/IT Director Since 2015
Customer Support Director-Amanda Cons

Amanda Cons

Customer Support Director Since 2012
Route Manager-Karl Conley

Karl Conley

Route Manager Since 2002
Field Supervisor-Jesse Urquijo

Jesse Urquijo

Field Supervisor Since 2007
Blind Cleaning Supervisor-Al Ramirez

Al Ramirez

Blind Cleaning Supervisor Since 2002
Screen Repair Supervisor-Josh Rotta

Josh Rotta

Screen Repair Supervisor Since 2018
Service Coordinator-Cody Howe

Cody Howe

Service Coordinator Since 2019
Customer Service-Pat Nitchals

Pat Nitchals

Customer Service Since 1988
Customer Service-Karen Ogden

Karen Ogden

Customer Service Since 2014
Customer Service-Ernie Cody

Ernie Cody

Customer Service Since 2016
Customer Service-Diane Welsh

Diane Welsh

Customer Service Since 2018
Screen Repair Technician-Taylor Eberhardt

Taylor Eberhardt

Screen Repair Technician Since 2019
Screen Repair Technician-Brennan Kahle

Brennan Kahle

Screen Repair Technician Since 2019
Service Technician-Ron Patterson

Ron Patterson

Service Technician Since 1994
Service Technician-Chip Madrid

Chip Madrid

Service Technician Since 2010
Service Technician-Matt Day

Matt Day

Service Technician Since 2014
Service Technician-James Clark

James Clark

Service Technician Since 2016
Service Technician-Steven Pehringer

Steven Pehringer

Service Technician Since 2017
Service Technician-London Camp

London Camp

Service Technician Since 2018
Service Technician-Seth Parker

Seth Parker

Service Technician Since 2018
Service Technician-Tommy Ross

Tommy Ross

Service Technician Since 2018
Service Technician-John Crespin

John Crespin

Service Technician Since 2018
Service Technician-Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez

Service Technician Since 2019
Service Technician-Thomas McMillin

Thomas McMillin

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Mitch Butori

Mitch Butori

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Ricardo Alvarez

Ricardo Alvarez

Service Technician Since 2020
Service Technician-Myrah Hickman

Myrah Hickman

Service Technician Since 2020

Complimentary Estimates


Serving Ada & Canyon Counties


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Customer Testimonials

My wife and I are always pleased with the efficiency and quality of work of your technicians. The check mark (definitely recommend) is meant sincerely.

Dwayne S of Eagle

I sound like a broken record - but what can I say -- Great job as usual!

Marg S of Boise

Just had our windows cleaned for the first time by Window Wizard and I can't say enough good things about our technician. He should give tutorials on cleaning and customer service.

Karen S of Meridian

Thank you for what you do every day. I appreciate your willingness to come out in the cold. You guys ROCK!

Gene B of Caldwell

Wonderful demeanor, excellent service, very happy to have the blind repaired.

Virginia R of Boise

The blinds came out better than expected and technicians were great.

Bob H of Meridian

Window Wizard has been cleaning our windows for years and always do an excellent, reasonably priced job. That's why we use them, plus all the guys are very professional! :)

Sandy D of Boise

It is amazing how new they look after they go through your cleaning process. My neighbor didn’t know you did blinds but will certainly ask about it in the future.

Julie R of Boise

You guys were just a dream, so polite and nice. The windows are spotless, will definitely recommend.

Carol P of Boise

I am so thrilled with the service you provided! My house has never looked so wonderful. It was worth every penny. The technicians were very kind and professional and I could not have asked for a better crew.

Kris L of Boise

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