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Exterior Window Cleaning
Window Wizard is southern Idaho's innovator of our value laden, spray service delivery system providing your windows with the most thorough cleaning your window glass has ever received, safely and effectively! Because of our specialized processed solution, the windows are left to “air-dry”, leaving your windows with that perfect look of transparency! Completely safe for windows, pets, plants and residents, the system delivers more dollar for dollar value than any window cleaning method around! It’s like putting your windows through a super efficient dish washer!

Here’s how it works!
Glass is somewhat porous, with the surface uneven and full of microscopic “hills and valleys”. With conventional cleaning methods the window is scrubbed with detergent, and generally squeegee’d off, leaving small amounts of residue in these valleys. Result? Your windows are not as clean as they could be! With Window Wizard, your exterior windows are left with a “polished look” you can see from down the street! You and your windows are getting all the value you deserve!

Included in Every Window Wizard Exterior Window Cleaning Service is a Thorough:
  • Washing of Frames
    Webs, dust and dirt are removed, THOROUGHLY, not just “brushed at” with minimal results!
  • Flushing of the Window Sills
    Removing dust, dirt, insects and build-up, that can stain and age your window frames!
  • Cleaning of Screens
    Because of the fiberglass composition of most window screens these days, not cleaning the screens will play a role in their deterioration. Harmful ultraviolet rays continuously aid in the breakdown of these materials, creating oxidation and decay. Window Wizard’s spray system is the best process available for cleaning screens, avoiding rubbing or abrasion on the material and instead, providing a gentle, more detailed and thorough cleaning!
Our technicians are thoroughly trained so if you’re more comfortable with the conventional squeegee method, we’re sure to accommodate.

Wizard Bonus!
What if the weather turns sour just after your service? For our residential customers, every exterior service comes with FREE 48 Hours of Rain Insurance. Return trips will be made at no charge to re-clean any affected windows (system clean only). Window Wizard is on your side when the weather isn’t!
Supplemental Exterior Window Services:
  • Hard water corrosion treatment
  • Glass Shielding
  • Screen Repair

Interior Window Cleaning
These days, safety has taken on more of a prime consideration in the choice of a service provider than ever before. Inviting someone to be “in and around” your home is a serious undertaking and Window Wizard proudly stands on our reputation for safe, successful service delivery. When a customer offers to “leave a key” and instructs us to “lock up when finished”, it represents not only great trust and dependency but also serves as a source of pride and compliment to Window Wizard. Still, there is never a time to let down, but realize this trust for the enormous responsibility it is, responsibility and reliance that Window Wizard continues to nurture and protect.
Window Wizard makes every attempt to divide our service teams into 2 specialized categories. Our interior technician teams perform only interior work, keeping themselves clean and presentable out of respect for your home and business!

A Qualified, Bonded and Insured, Technician Will:
  • Introduce himself
  • Apply shoe covers and enter at your invitation
  • Go over the work order
  • Await your instructions as to where to begin
  • Set up his equipment
  • Clean a window
  • Ask for your approval
Next Your Technician Will:
  • Lightly dust the interior window frames
  • Wash and dry the window glass
  • Wipe clean the window sill
Window Tracks
Window tracks are the channels or grooves in the bottom of a window in which the window slides or seats. These areas are notorious for "collecting" debris, come in a variety of size widths and lengths and can be very demanding to clean. Degrees of buildup are difficult to ascertain prior to service inspection and as such, light track cleaning charges are minimally quoted. Every attempt is made to inform of track charges prior to or at the time of service. More extensive track cleaning warrants additional charges.
Related Interior Service Offerings:
  • Storm Window Dismantles and Clean
  • Pella Window Dismantles and Clean
  • Extensive Track Cleaning
  • Chandelier Cleaning and Bulb Replacement
  • Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Plant Shelf, Ledge Cleaning

Window Wizard, a locally owned and operated service company with "franchise appearance and professionalism," has become the foremost name in residential window and blind cleaning in Idaho's Treasure Valley including: Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Middleton and Emmett since 1988. We have been serving the greater Magic Valley since 2012.

Window Wizard's clean, careful technicians mean you never have to worry about who is working in and around your home. 

Residential Window Cleaning, Mobile Onsite Ultrasonic Blind and Shade Cleaning, Onsite Drapery Dry Cleaning, Rain Gutter Cleaning and Flushing, Hardwater Corrosion Treatment, Glass Shielding, Window Screen Repair

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